The 14Biggest Vegan Myths



Veganism Is Not Healthy


It's perfectly possible to be vegan and 100% healthy. In fact, Vegans are in general much more nutrition and health aware than non-vegans.

Avocados and Almonds Damage The Environment


Avocados and almonds are far from perfect, and they do some damage for sure. But their impact is still far below dairy and meat. But 1kg of Avocado uses: ◉ 3.7 times less water than 1kg of cheese ◉ 6.5 times less water than 1kg of butter ◉ 18 times less water than 1kg of beef

Avocados Aren't Vegan


Some Avocado plantations use transported beehives.

But it's not harmful to bees.

Vegans Don't Get Enough Protein.


Seitan: 72g

Hemp Seeds: 31g

Almonds: 20g

Pumpkin Seeds: 30g

Peanut Butter: 25g

Tofu: 8g

(Beef: 26g)

Veganism Is Expensive



Not Vegan





Main Meal Cost

Average Grocery Trip Cost

Vegans can't do physical activities


Plant-based diets ◉ Increase recovery ◉ Reduce inflammation ◉ Are more cardioprotective

Ask them: ◉ The Williams Sisters (Tennis)  ◉ Tom Brady (Football) ◉ Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1) ◉ Elijah Hall (Track and Field)

Vegan Foods are Always Healthy


Vegan foods are often healthier.

But Not Always.

Vegan does not mean healthy.

People Always Lose Weight On A Vegan Diet


Losing weight is about eating less.

But this is not the main reason for people to go vegan: 1. For the Animals 2. For the Environment 3. For Health or Weight Loss

Without dairy, vegans have weak bones.


Drink dairy to have strong bones! Who hasn't heard that?

Vegans, vegetarians, and pescetarians have a similar risk of breaking bones

Scientists have put that down to both calcium and protein. Not Dairy

Vegans always need B12 supplements


Vitamin B12 is Made in Soil by Bacteria Not by animals

Most animals don't ingest B12 from the soil and are given supplements

So everyone, not just vegans directly or indirectly are given B12 supplements!

Soy Milk Gives Men Breast And Women Breast Cancer


Soy Milk contains a substance called Phytoestrogen

It is similar to the female hormone estrogen.

But unlike estrogen, phytoestrogen has nothing to do with cancer or breast development.

All Products Made From Plants Are Vegan


Plant-Based But Not Vegan: ◉ Cacao: when not ethically sourced ◉ Olive Oil: when it destroys an eco-system ◉ Honey: because bees are taken their necessary honey ◉ etc.

Nobody is truly vegan


Steel manufacturing uses animal products

Glycerin is a byproduct of soap making that uses animal products

Latex is treated with Casein, a milk protein.

So, are cars, lightbulbs, screws not vegan?

Veganism is about reducing the impact of our life on others, on animals, and on the planet. It would be impossible to have no impact at all.

Plant-based food is boring!


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