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2-Ingredient Bread

2-Ingredient Bread


2-Ingredient bread ▢ Self-rising Flour ▢ Soy Milk

Combine the 2-Ingredient Flatbread ingredient in the bowl of a stand mixer: Self-Rising Flour and Plant-based Milk. Stir it with the hook attachment until an elastic dough ball forms.


Divide the 2-Ingredient Flatbread dough into four smaller balls before flattening them into a rough circle and placing them on a hot crepe pan with a lid.


Cook the 2-Ingredient Flatbread for 2 minutes before sliding a metal spatula under them, flipping the naan breads, and cooking them for another minute.


For a perfect taste, place the 2-ingredient flatbreads on a flame for a few seconds before letting them cool down on a cooling rack.


2-Ingredient Bread

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes Makes: 4 flatbreads Calories: 168 kcal per Serving

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