Are French Fries Vegan?

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1. How to make Fries 2. Are Homemade French Fries Vegan? 3. Are Frozen French Fries Vegan? 4. Are Restaurant Fries Vegan? 5. Are Fast-food Fries Vegan?    • KFC    • McDonalds    • Arby's    • Burger King    • Chick-Fil-A    • Five Guys    • Hardee's    • In-N-Out burgers    • Jack-In-The-Box    • Popeyes    • Sonic    • Taco Bell    • Wendy's

How Are French Fries Made?

1. Pick the Right Potatoes 2. Peel them 3. Cut into fries 4. Blanch Potatoes (Swipe up to learn why!) 5. Fry them once 6. Drain the oil 7. Fry them again

Are Homemade French Fries Vegan?

As long as you use a plant-based oil and fresh potatoes, French Fries are vegan

✅Vegan Ⓥ

Are Frozen French Fries Vegan?

Most Frozen French Fries are plant-based. Make sure they don't contain any of the following: • Milk, Milk Solids • Cheese (Parmesan, Mozzarella) • Animal Fat (Beef/Ox fat, Horse fat) • Some food colorings • Bacon (and other meat) • Animal flavorings

☑ Often Vegan Ⓥ

Are Restaurant French Fries Vegan?

Restaurant French Fries are most of the time frozen. So the best is to ask! They are also sometimes cooked in the same oil as meat.

☑ Sort of Vegan Ⓥ

Are Fast food French Fries Vegan?

Fast Food French Fries are most of the time made with plant-based ingredients.  However, they are often cooked with other non-vegan products (nuggets, cheese sticks, etc.).

These Fast-Food Fries are NOT vegan

Fries from McDonalds Are not Vegan because they are cooked in oil that contains beef flavoring made with milk products.

❌Not Vegan

These Fast-Food Fries are sort of vegan

Fries from these fast-food joints are plant-based but cooked in the same oil as other animal-based food items

☑ Sort of Vegan Ⓥ

These Fast-Food French Fries are vegan

The following fast-food French Fries are made with Plant-based ingredients, and they are cooked separately.

✅Vegan Ⓥ