Welcome to the Conscious Plant Kitchen

Welcome to our vegan food blog where you will find many easy vegan recipes to help you live a vegan lifestyle while saving the planet one bite at a time. Here we are sharing easy vegan recipes for any diet including:

  • Easy vegan recipes – your favorite recipes made egg-free, dairy-free, cruelty-free.
  • Gluten-free vegan recipes – if you can’t tolerate gluten, we have plenty of gluten-free vegan recipes for you to try!
  • Vegan keto recipes – for our keto friends watching their carbs!
  • Vegan paleo recipes – these are grain-free vegan recipes for those who follow a paleo diet.

But before telling you more about what we have to share with you on this blog, let me introduce the team behind The Conscious Plant Kitchen. This vegan cooking blog has been created for the love of plant-based food, animals, and our planet.

Carine, is a foodie, food photographer, low-carb eater passionate about vegan baking particularly vegan cookies! Carine is also a crafty mum sharing her kids craft ideas and kids recipe at Busy Little Kiddies.

Damien, is a tech guy, vegan for many years, marathon runner, and Carine’s inspiration in the kitchen.

For years, I (Carine) have been cooking all my husband vegan recipes and this simple vegan blog is where I chose to share our best vegan recipes to the world.

Easy vegan recipes

We are mainly a healthy vegan blog, sharing healthy plant-based recipes made of nourishing flours, refined-sugar-free sweetener, and lots of fruits and vegetables. But here we also share our vegan comforting recipes, the ones that remind us of our old classic favorite recipes.

Here you will found plenty of easy vegan baking recipes. I am a baking lover so be ready for a lot of baking recipes on this vegan food blog. In the past years, I have learned how to use easy vegan baking substitutes to recreate your favorite cookies, bread with a vegan twist! Here you will find:

Vegan cookie recipes

This includes lots of healthy vegan cookie recipes made of wholesome flour, refined sugar sweetener, chocolate, peanut butter ( this is our favorite combo!). But you will also find vegan cookie recipes for any diet and any occasion :

Vegan snacks

I love to make easy vegan snack recipes including

No-bake vegan desserts

I have a passion for raw vegan dessert recipes. They are nourishing and simple to make with few ingredients. You will find

Vegan brownie recipes

Vegan chocolate recipes are everyone favorite and here I am sharing lots of healthy vegan brownie recipes made of nourishing ingredients like our sweet potato brownie recipe or black bean vegan brownies

Vegan muffin & loaf recipes

We have vegan muffins and vegan sweet loaf recipes for any occasion healthy vegan banana bread, vegan strawberry muffins, and more!

Vegan bread recipes

As a baking lover, I love to make our homemade vegan flatbread recipes, vegan tortillas recipes, or vegan bread loaf. Try our vegan keto bread loaf or vegan Irish soda bread 

Vegan dinner recipes

We won’t be a vegan cooking blog without a few vegan dinner recipes! Here we also share our best family-friendly vegan meals recipes including:

  • Vegan salad recipes – like my popular roasted cauliflower salad or potato salad perfect for a vegan Christmas side dish.
  • Vegan pasta recipes – red lentils pasta, creamy mushroom pasta, we love vegan pasta recipes and we have plenty to share.
  • Vegan curry recipes – if you didn’t try a tofu butter chicken, it’s time to give it a go, this is the best vegan Indian curry ever.

Vegan breakfast recipes

On this vegan recipe blog, you will find lots of sweet vegan breakfast but also vegan savory breakfast like our chickpea omelette.

Vegan fitness

But another passion we want to share on this vegan blog is our love of vegan fitness and especially vegan running!

Damien is an avid vegan runner, or should I say vegan athlete, running an average of 130km per week 100% plant fueled! So here you will also find lots of articles about how you can eat vegan food and perform in sport including our best vegan post-workout snack recipes!

Vegan wellness

We know how confusing it can be to start a vegan lifestyle, That’s why we wrote many vegan nutrition articles to guide you through your journey.

This includes lots of vegan nutrition charts to help you point our the best vegan protein sources or vegan iron sources for example. You will also find all your answer to the most popular vegan questions like is honey vegan?

We hope you love this space, find it inspiring, useful, and delicious! If you want to connect with us even more, join us on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook

We see you there,

Carine & Damien



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