Is yeast vegan?

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Yeast is not an animal, nor a plant. It's a single-cell fungus.

What is Yeast?

It's about 3 micrometers in diameter.  8 times smaller than human hair.

If Yeast has access to oxygen (aerobic respiration), it produces: Carbon Dioxide + Water

How does Yeast work?

When Yeast has no oxygen (anaerobic respiration), it produces: Carbon Dioxide + Ethanol

For Alcoholic Beverages (Wine, Beer, Spirits) Yeast is left in bottles or kegs with no oxygen so it produces ethanol (alcohol)

How is Yeast Used?

For Baking (Bread, Cakes) Yeast is mixed in the batter and has access to oxygen. It produces gas bubbles and some water.

For Nutritional Yeast Nutritional Yeast is inactivated yeast - dead cells.

Active Dry Yeast Active Dry Yeast is made of dehydrated cells, dormant.  They reactivate in water. Active Dry Yeast stores for longer.

Types of Yeast

Instant Yeast Active Instant Yeast is a type of dry yeast with smaller granules, making it faster to activate.

Fresh Yeast Fresh Yeast is live blocks of yeast. It doesn't need to be reactivated but it stores for only about a week.

Yeast is 100% Vegan!

Is Yeast Vegan?

Manufacturing is relatively sustainable. It produces low levels of byproducts.

Yeast is not produced from or with animals.

Recipes with Yeast

Recipes with Nutritional Yeast